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5 things to consider when looking for the right bathtub

Many people feel that spending some quality time in the bathtub might rejuvenate their spirit and energy. Whatever your own reason for spending time in the bathtub , you should know that this bathroom item is among the most important ones when it comes to the utility and design of this space. If you are redesigning or renovating your bathroom, you must prevent yourself from choosing any type of bathtub. Apart from trying to consider the latest design, color of the bathtub, its manufacturer, you should also think about the following aspects in order to make a wise choice and not waste your time and money.

First, you should consider the size of the bathtub you want to have. It is very important for you to check how your future bathtub will fit its designated space. You should also think about the number of persons who are going to use the bathtub – for instance, you can go for the two-person bathtub but keep in mind that this type of bathtub is likely to consume more water than the more traditional one-person bathtub. The size of the bathtub is interdependent with the current capacity of the heater. For instance, an ordinary bathtub will require 65% hot water. So, you need to consider whether your water heater will still have the necessary amount of heated water for the rest of your family after dispensing the first 40 gallons.

If the water heater cannot provide the necessary amount of hot water for a larger bathtub , you should go for a smaller one or try to upgrade your current present heater in order to provide your bathroom with enough hot water. You also have another option, namely to install an instant heater right to the water source that is leading to your bathtub. Keep in mind to choose a bathtub size that can provide you with enough support for your back, neck and head. Choosing the right material for your bathtub is another important matter and it will depend on several factors that include the ease of maintenance, your budget, durability and how often you plan to use the bathtub. For instance, fiberglass is likely to be among the most cost-effective materials but it will not provide you with the same durability that  porcelain or acrylic bathtubs may provide. The marble and wooden bathtubs may look good but they will also require much more maintenance and they aren't as durable as other materials. The cast iron tubs are among the most durable materials but a bathtub made from this material will cost you more.

The bathtub's depth is also important especially if you are planning to use it for therapeutics. For instance, you can go for a soaking tub which is a special bathtub designed in order to allow you to immerse your whole body. The standard tub is designed only to allow you to soak the lower part of your body. Functionality is another major factor when trying to find the best bathtub for you. So, you should think about all the additional features you are interested to have and how these features will impact your future water and power consumption. The design of the bathtub is also important and you should go for an inviting bathtub design that will make your soaking a really comfortable experience. You may choose from rectangular, corner, round, oval or even heart-shaped designs.