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Bathtub safety tips for Kids

Bathroom Safety The bathroom is one of the most accident-prone areas in any home, especially for children. A lot of accidents can happen, such as slipping on the wet floor, getting scalded by hot water, and bumping against bathroom fixtures. More serious ones include fainting from the heat and drowning in bathtubs.

Fortunately, such accidents can easily be prevented by using the right fixtures and accessories, and installing them correctly. When designing your bathroom, keep safety in mind with every detail, from the bathroom cabinets to the tub and toilet.  

Accidents that can happen in the bathroomSome of the accidents that can happen to your kids in the bathroom include: drowning in the tub, slipping in the bathroom floor or tub, sustaining burns from the hot water or heater, drowning in the toilet, poisoning from toilet cleaners and from medicines in the medicine cabinet, getting cut from razors and other sharp objects, electrocution, and getting locked in. To stay safe, keep potentially dangerous things out of children’s reach, such as electric sockets and heating units. Consider getting safety accessories like grip bars and non-skid mats.
Bathtub safetyAs a safer alternative to the bath, you can get nappy buckets with tight lids so that you can cover it after bathing your kids. Always store it in a high or locked space to keep it out of their reach. For Jacuzzis or sunken baths, tub covers are available with locks or child-safe closures. Place a non-skid rubber mat on the floor of the tub to keep them from slipping, especially if you leave them unattended in the bath. Always drain the tub after bathing so they won’t be tempted to play in the water. Check the thermostat or use a temperature to check the temperature of the water before your child gets in the bath. Make sure the water is at 50C or below to avoid scalding. Turn on the cold tap first and check the temperature with your elbow before your child gets in.

Toilet safety
You can install toilet locks as a precaution for drowning in the toilet.  Always keep cleaning materials – including the toilet brush – out of reach of children.  Kids can be very curious and tinker around with these items, which can lead to toilet cleaner poisoning.  Avoid using block cleaners or detachable toilet fresheners, as you kid may try to eat them.

Other things to remember  Put non-skid waterproof mats on the floor. Do not keep medicines in the bathroom because the heat can spoil them fast. Keep blades, razors, and other sharp items in a safe place, and get those with safety caps. When buying bath accessories, look for products that have childproof packaging.  Avoid putting breakable items in the bathroom, such as thin glass doors and hanging mirrors. If you want a mirror in your bath, get one that is permanently installed instead of a wall-hung one.  Never leave electrical appliances lying around in the bathroom.  Use doorknob safety guards to prevent your kids from entering the bathroom unsupervised.


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