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Frosted Glass Films - Add Extra Intimacy to Your Bathroom Space

Frosted glass film is a popular choice among many homeowners mainly because it can provide Image extra privacy and cover to bathroom windowpanes and shower enclosures. Frosted glass films come in a wide range of patterns and designs and you can easily find a frosted glass film that can match your needs and bathroom décor. Mainly, frosted glass films come in two types: the adhesive film that will require glue in order to be added to any glass area and the frosted glass film that is free of adhesive that requires no glue as you can stick it through static force right to the glass area. Keep in mind that it’s better to go for a frosted glass film that is free of adhesive as this type of film is both convenient and easy in terms of proper installation. Just make sure that you choose a frosted glass film that is designed to withstand heat and moisture.

Bathroom Frosted Glass Film by Purlfrost

Also, frosted glass films are to be regarded as the ultimate choice when it comes to making your bathroom windows or glass shower enclosure completely opaque without having to spend a fortune. Even if a frosted glass film is going to obscure your view from outside, it will stay bright when installed inside your bathroom. For instance, frosted glass films are a perfect alternative when it comes to saving extra money on your electricity bills as you will not have to switch on your bathroom lights during daytime. Additionally, frosted glass films, when applied to your bathroom windows or glass shower enclosure, are going to turn this entire space into a more cheerful one. Here are some easy to follow instructions for you to use when planning to apply frosted glass films all by yourself.

Keep in mind that such films can be applied to non porous and smooth surfaces and you will have to apply the film when your bathroom is free of moisture and heat. Start by purchasing extra frosted glass film and measure all the bathroom areas you want to cover. Next, you will have to add about 15% in order to have extra film in case that you make any mistake – this way, you will be provided with extra leeway when it comes to trimming and cutting your frosted glass film. Next, you will have to clean the bathroom areas that are to be covered. Then, cut the film in pieces and make sure that you add extra to the height and length in order to have enough frosted glass film to work with. Spray the bathroom area with the cleaner you have use for cleaning it and make sure that the area stays most.

Then take the backing of your frosted glass film and peel it down. As you do this, make sure that you spray the film with the cleaner. Once you have everything off, you will have to continue by preparing the film for being applied. Apply the film from the top and continue working down – make sure that you squeeze any bubbles that may appear as you go. Keep the frosted glass film wet and once in place, adjust its surface in order to be square. Trim the frosted glass film and make sure that you leave 1/16 inch border in order to allow shrinking. The film requires 30 minutes to completely stick to the surface and will take up to 10 days in order to be totally attached.