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Luxury small bathrooms - how to glam up any small bathroom on a budget
Luxury small bathrooms
If you want to glam up your bathroom and create a luxury small bathroom, then there are some considerations to make.

The first is whether you are going to keep your existing bath, shower, toilet and basin. If you want the best overall effect, then you might want to replace everything and build a completely new, luxury small bathroom.

In this case, you want it to be place to relax, unwind and revitalise. You should look for the very best designer fixtures and fittings at the price you can afford. Also understand that you don’t need to break to bank in order to design a luxurious bathroom.

Think about the style that you want. Do you want to design a traditional or contemporary bathroom? Whatever you decide will influence the bathroom products that you buy.

You can choose from traditional cast iron baths to modern contemporary wet rooms and whirlpools. The choice is yours, depending on your budget. The style of bathroom will determine whether you want a bath, shower cabin or would prefer to design a wet room.

Understand that you can find anything to suit your tastes, so take your time to look around and find what really stands out to you. Once you know the design that you want, you need to look for a toilet, basin, taps, cabinets and mirrors to match.

Don’t forget to consider the
lighting arrangement also. This is something that a lot of people overlook as they don’t consider it important. Realise that a simple ceiling light fixture could ruin your design, if you don’t think about it carefully.

Lighting needs to be directed intelligently in order to create the ambient and relaxed atmosphere that you want from your luxury small bathroom.

When you get the right contrast of lighting, the results can really be incredible. Again, this will need to fit with the style that you choose. Obviously a traditional bathroom would require different lighting from a contemporary design.

After you have made your choice, move on to the decoration phase. It is important to select a ceramic tile that matches the main features of your small bathroom. As there is a limited amount of space you might want to choose larger titles and give an effect of greater room in the bathroom.

You also need to consider the color scheme that you will utilize. Do you want to keep the colors neutral, or have a contrasting theme? Paint and titles can be found at very affordable prices, and when you complete the work yourself, you can save a lot of money. There are certain jobs when designing a bathroom that require a personal touch anyway.

Once you have all your ideas mapped out, it is best to shop around. You will find that many of the home improvement stores will give you other ideas that you have not considered. Also, they are likely to compete for your business, so you will find extra savings by taking this step.

Remember that you can glam up your small bathroom on a budget with careful planning ahead of time. If you plan ahead, then you will not overstretch your finances.


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