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Using Track Lighting In Your Bathroom

A common problem in large bathrooms is that overhead lighting does not reach all corners, and specific sections like vanities and shower areas are either poorly lit or require their own lighting system. If you have the same problem with your bathroom, you may benefit from track lighting. Read on to find out more about track lighting and how it can improve your bathroom lighting system.

What is bathroom track lighting?

Track lights are like mini spotlights that illuminate small sections of your room. They have small, often low-voltage bulbs hung from a bar, casting light in a narrow beam. Some of them are downlights – they cast light downwards – but most can be rotated within their casings to illuminate at various angles. Track lighting is perfect for lighting vanity corners and cabinets without clashing with or overpowering the overhead lighting.

How is bathroom track lighting used?

Two of the major uses for track lighting are accents and task illumination.

Accent lighting. Accent lights are largely decorative and meant to accent ambient or overhead lighting. Track lights can add an interesting accent to an otherwise plain wall. When placed in rows along two parallel walls, track lighting can even replace your overhead light when you prefer something dimmer or more dramatic. To highlight an interesting wall design or tile pattern, use track lighting in a strong, warm tone over the design.

Task lighting. If you have a large overhead cabinet or vanity corner, track lighting can effectively illuminate your work area. Place a line of soft, warm-toned track lights around vanity mirrors to flatter your skin tone for a more pleasing reflection. Recessed track lighting is perfect for lighting the inside of large cabinets, because they save space and do not over-illuminate.

What type of track lighting should I use?

Track lighting comes in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors. There are plain, straight bar lights that go with any bathroom design; elaborate sconces for a grand period look, and sleek, minimalist lamps for the modern bathroom. Your choice depends largely on your tastes and a few design factors, such as the size and color theme of your bathroom.

If you have a large bathroom, track lighting the entire area may cost you too much. Instead, install track lights over commonly used areas, such as the shower, tub, and vanity. This will allow you to cut down on power costs by turning on the lights only where you need them, instead of lighting the whole bathroom to use a small corner sink. Use warm white to yellow shades in a globe lamp for a relaxing ambient light.

Stick to straight lines if you have a small bathroom. A horizontal track light on a narrow wall can make it appear wider. Use a vertical track light in narrow passages to draw the eye upwards and away from the constricting walls, or install a series of down-lights over the ceiling to create a vertical orientation.