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Asian Bathroom Vanities

Decorating ideas for small bathroomsFor most homeowners, Asian bathroom designs are likely to consist mainly of overhead lamps combined with a sconce that can provide the space with a really unique flare. In an Asian bathroom design, soft-glow types of lights are preferred in order to provide a cooler light when compared to the incandescent light that comes from florescent bathroom lamps.

Asian bathroom designs are all about more vibrant colors and screens when it comes to the bathroom walls and tiles – this way, an optical illusion of a larger bathroom space is provided. Even if some of the most popular Asian bathroom designs are very likely to resemble the 5-start hotel rooms when it comes to their modern elegance, the essence of every Asian bathroom design is directly derived from nature.

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For instance, bamboo prints mixed with waterproof wallpaper can provide extra color to the bathroom walls while flora can be introduced as well in order to get an Asian look for your bathroom space. Mahogany and wood tiles can be used as well. You can go for a wide type of bathtub or you can choose the more popular Japanese soaking tub that comes in a circular shape. Shower heads, simple fixtures and booths are perfect for a smaller bathroom space.

You should also consider an Asian bathroom vanity in order to stay really conscious about your Asian bathroom design. Your soothing environment provide by the Asian bathroom design can be enhanced by having an Asian vanity unit installed in this space. If you want to a go for a more modern looking Asian vanity, you should choose a freestanding Asian vanity rather than an Asian one that is built in. There are 2 main steps that are to be followed when looking for a built-in Asian bathroom vanity unit. First, you will have to decide the exact base you plan to use because there is a wide range of Asian designs for you to choose from.

Different issues that include types of doors and drawers, length, height or width are to be considered as well. Once you have determined on which base you are planning to install the built in Asian vanity, you will also have to choose a bathroom countertop that best compliments your Asian vanity design. Also, the overall theme of your bathroom space is to be considered as well. Some of the best materials for the Asian vanity design are ceramic, marble or granite.

If you decide to go for a freestanding Asian vanity, you should know that there are plenty of designs that are available on the market. With such a freestanding unit, you will find the top and the vanity installed just in one piece. This means that all you will have to do is to make just one selection in order to find out right from the beginning how this Asian vanity will look in its polished and finished form. Usually, freestanding Asian vanity units are made of granite or glass. Also, they come with already drilled holes that are necessary for the faucets installation thus making the bathroom easier to install.