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Bathroom sinks and basins
Today’s homeowners are faced with a world of choices when shopping for new bathroom sinks. Sink design has come a long way in terms of design and construction. You can now choose from traditional porcelain and stainless steel to more contemporary brass, copper, and jewel glass sinks. There are also above-counter basins, freestanding, and built-in sinks. With all the choices available, there is sure to be a bathroom sink to suit your tastes and budget.

For the do-it-yourself type, self-rimming sinks are a good option. These sinks are the easiest to install and will go well with most countertop materials. They are installed simply by fixing the sink onto the counter, with the rim elevated from the counter level. Most of them have built-in drainage outlets at the base.

Vessel-mount sinks are a type of self-rimming sink, and are a popular option for contemporary bathroom designs. They also come in various shapes, although the most commonly seen is the round-rimmed bowl. Square, rectangle, and even bean-shaped models are also available. They are mostly made of glass, marble, and porcelain, and often come in colorful swirl patterns.

Recessed or under-counter mount sinks are great for sleek modern designs. These sinks are dropped into a custom-made counter cavity so that the rim is level with the rest of the counter. They usually have to be installed by professionals, and careful measuring is needed to carve out the right cavity size. Also, they will only work with countertop materials that do not require edge treatment, like solid surface or granite.

If you have a lot of floor space or have limited room on your countertop, you can go for a pedestal sink. This type of sink comes with a stand and is mounted on the floor. Some models have extended sides that serve as a small counter. Drainage pipes are usually housed in the stand. Pedestal sinks can be tricky to set up on your own, so you will need to hire a plumber to help you with the installation.

Wall-mounted sinks are great for small bathrooms with neither floor nor countertop space to spare. These sinks simply attach to your wall and do not require a stand or countertop for support. They are connected to drainage pipes on the wall, which you may have to rearrange if you are installing your sink in a new location. You may not have as many design options with wall sinks, though, since they need a straight edge to mount evenly against the wall.

If space and budget are not a problem, you may want to look into vanity counters. Also called vanity consoles, they come with a sink, tap, countertop, and sometimes even a mirror and drawers, housed in an elaborate table designed specifically for bathroom use. They are typically made of marble or stone block, but there are contemporary wood, steel, and metal designs as well.

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