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Pedestal Sinks - A Genuine Design Statement

Pedestal sinks can be one of the most stylish options for many different bathroom decors. For instance, they can range in Imagedesign from contemporary and sleek to old-fashioned and antique. The main reason why pedestal sinks have become so popular is to be found in their increased versatility and relative ease of installation. A pedestal sink comes in 2 main pieces – the pedestal that sits right on the bathroom floor and the sink that sits right on top of this base. Actually, most of its weight will be held by the bathroom wall mainly because the sink is attached to it in order to be stable.

Pedestal Bathroom Sink by  Ceramica Flaminia

Pedestal sinks are the perfect choice for smaller sized bathroom spaces because they don’t take too much room. This is why they can be used in powder rooms or half-baths. They can vary in their price, depending on their size, material and designer. For instance, pedestal sinks are available in glass, cast iron and porcelain for homeowners who really want to have a modern look for their bathroom space.


Also, plain white porcelain is among the most commonly used materials when it comes to pedestal sinks mainly because Imagethis material can go really well with various bathroom styles. Stone is also an option when it comes to pedestal sinks and you can have faucets placed right on the bathroom wall or on the sink in order to get a more unusual look. Although pedestal sinks cannot offer the same storage space when compared to other types of bathroom sinks, they are still to be regarded as a practical choice in any modern bathroom space. For instance, some pedestal sinks come with built in tooth brushers or soap dishes that can be very useful accessories.

Pedestal Bathroom Sink by Galassia

However, you should know that some pedestal sinks are likely to overpower certain bathroom spaces and you have to pay attention to this aspect when looking for the right pedestal sink that can add both function and style to your bathroom. Also, you will have to consider the plumbing you have in your bathroom in order to determine whether it can work with a pedestal sink or not. For instance, some pedestal sinks come with freestanding designs and this feature may not work well with your current faucet and drain layout. The width of the pedestal sink is another factor to be considered – usually, the width of such sinks is between 55 and 65 centimeters.


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