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Pedestal Sinks - Installing Tips

Choosing the right type of sink for your bathroom is a vital aspect when it comes to decorating this space. When looking forImage  the right sink, you will have to consider not only its look, but also its function. So, you will have to pay attention to things such as shape, function, bathroom concept and size. Usually, pedestal sinks receive a quite high regard from homeowners as they come with space-saving and practical design.

Pedestal Sinks by Disegno Ceramica

They are designed to be attached to bathroom walls. Installing such a pedestal sink is a fairly easy process especially if you already have a sink that needs to be replaced. In this case, all you will have to do is to take out your old sink and attach your new pedestal right to the plumbing. Normal sinks are designed to hide the plumbing and pipes within their constraints.

Pedestal sinks are smaller when compared to normal sinks – so, all the pipes and plumbing are going to be exposed and visible under a pedestal sink. For instance, if your pipes are unattractive and even rusty, you should consider having them replaced before you install your new pedestal sink. If you do not have enough money to replace your old pipes but you still want to install your new pedestal sink, you can try and clean them up. In order to do this, you will need some chemicals and a sander in order to get rid of all the accumulated rust. Afterwards, you can use quality primer and paint in order to make the pipes appear as brand new.

Next, you will have to remove your old sink – make sure that you unhook all the existing plumbing and pipes. You are Imagesupposed to be left with nothing except for the wall behind your old sink and the pipes. Continue by measuring the exact place on your bathroom floor or wall where the pipes are located. Make sure that you write down your measurements in order to purchase a pedestal sink that matches up with the current plumbing.

Pedestal Sink by THGusa

Remember that each pedestal sink is going to have different instructions regarding its proper installation. For instance, some pedestal sinks are designed to be set right on the base of the bathroom floor while other types of pedestal sinks are designed to be screwed into the bathroom wall or be secured by both.

When planning to install your new pedestal ink, you will have to attach the necessary drain and pivot rod in order to control the drain. Next, you will have to mount your new sink right to the wall and make sure that you secure it in the right way. The rest involves putting the necessary P-trap in and managing to connect the rest of the bathroom plumbing. Even if it’s a fairly easy task, the installation of a pedestal sink involves following the exact and specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once you don’t feel up to this task, you should consider hiring a professional in order to help you.        


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