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Semi-recessed bathroom sinks
Semi-Recessed Bathroom SinksSemi-recessed bathroom sinks are a good compromise between recessed and above-counter vessel sinks. They are partly submerged into the counter while keeping a self-rimming design, which means that the rim remains elevated from the rest of the countertop. Some sinks are also semi-recessed in a horizontal orientation – the basin is lodged into a permanent or hanging counter with the front half protruding from the edge. With both types, a custom-shaped cavity has to be cut into the counter to accommodate the sink.

One of the main advantages of semi-recessed bathroom sinks is that they achieve the modern look of above-counter sinks without actually relying on the countertop material for support. This will allow you to install your sink in any type of countertop material, whereas with above-counter sinks you have to consider such factors as the weight and capacity of your countertop. Pedestal and wall-mounted sinks can be installed in a semi-recessed style, allowing you to save space while maintaining your desired look for your bathroom.

Semi-recessed bathroom sinks come in various materials, ranging from the traditional white porcelain to less conventional ones like glass, stone, and stainless steel. Most sink shapes can also be semi-recessed into a counter, including vessel, square, and rectangular sinks.

Small bathrooms can greatly benefit from small semi-recessed bathroom sinks because they lend a sleek, elegant look to the room without using up too much counter or floor space. They have the same space-saving benefits offered by pedestals, with the added advantage of simpler installation and easier maintenance.

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