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Tips on Cleaning Your Glass Bathroom Sink

One of the latest trends in bathroom design is the use of elegant and cutting edge glass sinks. Glass sinks are already Image available in plenty of styles, colors and sizes and you will definitely find one that really suits your modern bathroom design. However, there are many homeowners who worry about the strength and safety of such glass sinks. But this should not be a big concern as glass sinks are quite resistant to damage. Glass sinks can be damaged during their installation but this can be avoided by hiring a professional installer to take proper care of this job. Aside from possible damage during installation, glass sinks are hard to break.

When looking for the right glass sink, you will have to figure out things such as price range, practicality and functionality in order to make a wise choice. Glass bathroom sinks come in a variety of styles. For instance, if you are looking for a modern style, you can go for a handcrafted glass sink that comes with a flower border or an abstract shape border. Also, you can go for translucent or opaque glass sinks. Another popular style of glass sink is the one made of glass tiles. This type of glass sink comes with a mosaic design that uses many color schemes in order to provide an elegant touch to any bathroom space.

Glass Sink by Villeroy-Boch



However, grand looking as they may be, Imageglass bathroom sinks require high maintenance in order to keep all their original features and appearance. But you may increase the lifespan of your glass sink once you learn how to take proper care of it. Just consider the following tips on cleaning and maintaining your glass vessel. First, you should know that the quality of your glass sink is going to depend on the way its surface looks. So, you will have to avoid creating any blemishes on its surface. For instance, blemishes such as scratches and cracks are to be avoided.

Glass Sink by AdattoCasa

Also, keep in mind that even the most minimal fingertip mark can ruin the way your glass bathroom sink looks. When cleaning your glass sink, you must not use materials that have a rough surface.For instance, using materials such as rugs of tough fabrics or sandpapers will scratch the surface of your glass sink. Also, you must not use acids or strong bleachers as these substances can diminish the shine in your glass sink.


When wiping your glass sink, you should use soft cloths such as cotton. Damped newspapers can also be used because they are less likely to leave any ugly streaks behind. Next, you will have to dry your glass sink immediately after using it because hard water residues are likely to pile up in its surface. Since glass is a material that allows light to pass, the clogs will be visible enough. You can dry your glass sink by wiping its entire surface with a soft sponge. Then, squeeze all the excess water away from your glass sink.

Glass Sink by Kraus