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Undermount Sinks - Enjoy Extra Free Space in Your Bathroom

Under mount bathroom sinks are covered from below – this means that their sink bowl is enveloped or plastered with some Imagekind of material. When a bathroom sink is mounted and only is upper side is visible, this bathroom fixture is an under mount bathroom sink. The main advantage brought by under mount bathroom sinks is the contemporary look they provide to the whole space.

Undermount Bathroom Sink by Kohler

However, such sinks come with a disadvantage too, namely that they require extra money – you will have to spend extra money on a quality silicon-based sealant in order to get a resistant and highly functional under mount sink. Under mount sinks are made from a wide range of materials such as granite, ceramic, copper, wood, glass, stainless steel or even rubber.


Keep in mind that even if the bathroom sink is one of the main features of your bathroom space, this item should not take up too much room. This is the main reason why under mount sinks have become so popular among home owners. ImageInstead of getting grime and dirt stuck right in the sealant around your sink, the basin of an under mount bathroom sink is attached right below the counter, without any visible seams. So, any particles that would otherwise get stuck in your bathroom sink caulking will be washed down the drain and you will not have to spend too much time on cleaning your under mount bathroom sink.

Undermount Bathroom Sink by Reginox 

An under mount bathroom sink also creates a sleek profile for your bathroom counter mainly because there will be no sink lip. In order to have your under mount bathroom sink installed, you should hire a countertop installer or contractor in order to cut the necessary and precise opening required in order for the sink to fit right into.

Also, you will have to provide yourself with a perfect fit and tight seal in order not to waste your money on possible water damage in your bathroom flooring or cabinets. Installing an under mount bathroom sink is to be regarded as a precision job Imageand you might consider not making this task a DIY project. A professional will have all the necessary tools and be surprisingly fast when it comes to this particular task. For instance, you can cut wrong sizes of opening in your brand new bathroom countertop and you are not likely to want this to happen and spend even more money. Keep in mind that hiring a professional to install your under mount sink is worth the investment as you will enjoy your sink for a long period of time.

Undermount Bathroom Sink by Julien

Depending on your current decorating style, you will have to consider the under mount sink material. For instance, a hammered copper under mount sink will provide a nice rustic feel to your bathroom space while a stainless steel or sleek white ceramic under mount sink would definitely look great in a modern bathroom space. With so much quality options these days, you will be able to choose an under mount sink that is the perfect match for your bathroom and enjoy all the extra counter space.      


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