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Toilet Reviews

ToiletModern toilets are more than just a place to relieve yourself. Along with durability and design, people are looking for other useful toilet features, such as ease of cleaning, ability to flush simulated waste, water conservation, and a relaxing atmosphere.  Below are some of the products that have garnered positive reviews in online consumer reports. 

Water conservation
A good bathroom should be designed for efficiency and low water consumption. One of the most economical products is the American Standard FloWise 2073.013, which uses only 1.28 gpf – 20% less than the already low-consumption 1.6gpf toilets. The FloWise is a two-piece toilet that is estimated at $400.  It's not a very powerful toilet in terms of flushing ability, especially compared to the Eljer Titan and TOTO toilets, but if water conservation is on top of your list, the FloWise is definitely worth a try.

Another alternative for water conservation are dual-flush toilets. These toilets use only 0.8 gallons to flush down liquid waste, and the standard 1.6 gallons for solid waste. One of the toilet models that have earned good reviews in this category is the Caroma Caravelle 305, estimated at $400. It has two separate buttons for controlling the flushes, as well as raised patterns for identifying which mode to use.  Dual-flush toilets can save up to 25% of water compared to regular ones that use 1.6 gallons per flush.  The only downside for the dual-flush toilet is that the surface water that remains in the bowl is shallow, which can make cleaning a hassle when solid waste scrapes on the dry sides of the bowl.

Value for money
In general, pressure-assisted toilets are the best type of toilets you can get for your money.  They  last longer than most gravity toilets and usually cost much less. One of the best toilets of its league, and one that garnered the top spot in laboratory tests, is the Gerber Ultra Flush, available from $300 to $325.  It comes in  two versions: the elongated model and the the round-bowl version. It also comes in different sizes and various color choices with an ADA-approved seat height.  The Gerber Ultra Flush is equipped with Sloan Flushmate Flushometer-Tank System and consumes less than 1.6 gallons per flush.  This toilet makes use of compressed air inside the tank and creates turbo-charged flush action for easy bowl cleaning.   It also generates the largest water surfaces when it comes to low consumption toilets, preventing stain build-up and making it easier to clean. Moreover, pressure-assisted toilets are usually known for being noisy, but the Gerber Ultra Flush seems to be an exception. 

Tight budgetIf budget is your concern, a top performing pressure assisted toilet in the budget category – priced   only $200 – is the Eljer Aqua-Saver 091-7025.  It's not as quiet, powerful, or efficient as the Gerber Ultra Flush, but it easily outperforms other toilets in its price range such as the Kohler Wellworth and the American Standard Patriot.


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