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Enhance Traditional Bathroom Design with Muirfield Bathroom Design

Traditional Bathroom Design by Moen Looking for a way to add a bit of traditional elegance to your bathroom design? When you want to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom, consider installing a faucet or other fixtures and accessories from Moen's Muirfield suite in your home's bathroom. The classic faucet pictured here has modern water-saving features designed with conservation and utility cost control in mind, paired with a simple to operate and beautiful high arc spout.

“The Muirfield bathroom suite offers a traditional style with exceptional design consumers prefer in a quality product backed by the Moen name,” said Kevin Campbell, Moen’s director of retail marketing. You can choose from several different faucet styles, selecting between single and two handle options with either standard, mid, or high arc spouts. You cal also select the finish that best coordinates with your overall bathroom design, choosing among Chrome, LifeShine® Classic Brushed Nickel and Old World Bronze.

Elegant Bathroom Design with the Caldwell Collection

Caldwell Collection for Luxury Bath DesignLooking for a way to incorporate luxury into every aspect of your bathroom design? With Moen's Caldwell bathroom suite, you can introduce classic styling into your bathroom with beautiful fixtures designed with aesthetic appeal and environmental consciousness in mind.

The defining characteristics of the Caldwell collection include gentle curves and rich details, paired with the latest in aerator technology designed with water conservation in mind. Whereas traditional aerators push 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm), the aerator used in the Caldwell suite is optimized to utilize only 1.5 gpm, resulting in a significant water savings. Caldwell faucets have earned the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense certification.

“The Caldwell suite offers homeowners a beautiful option to update and refresh their bathroom with a classic design,” said Kevin Campbell, Moen’s director of retail

Enjoy a Spa Experience at Home with a Rainfall Showerhead from Moen

Rainfall Shower for Luxury Bathroom Design Do you want to enjoy a spa-like shower experience in the privacy of your own home? When your bathroom design includes Moen's nine-inch rainshower shower head, you'll be able to lose yourself in the relaxation of a refreshing, all over body spray every time you take a shower. If you've enjoyed the benefits of showering with a high quality, forceful rainshower shower head before, you know just how invigorating this type of shower experience can be.

While there are a number of rainshower heads on the market, Moen's offering is unique and offers homeowners the ultimate in "spa at home" showering experiences. Moen's rainshower heads utilize the company's state of the art InvigoRain™ spray to provide powerful and relaxing water spray. Moen's InvigoRain™ technology is self-pressurizing, which sets it apart from other similar products.

“Most rainshower showerheads are gravity-fed so the water collects in the showerhead and slowly trickles out, creating a low-pressure, drooping effect,” said Atkins. “InvigoRain is self-pressurizing. It channels the water out of the showerhead for maximum water force and coverage.” With the Moen self-pressurizing rainshower, water is channeled through the fixture in a manner that produces up to three times as much spray as other rainshower fixtures on the market. What this means for you is that your shower experience will be consistently invigorating with this shower head, more so that with other available rainshowers.

For more information about the rainshower heads available in the Inspire product line, see or visit your local Lowe's retailer.

Bring Luxury into Bathroom Design with Inspire Showerheads from Moen

Inspire Showerheads for Luxury Bathroom Design Want to enjoy the ultimate in shower relaxation in your own home? When you install one of the showerheads from Moen's Inspire line in your home, you'll be thrilled to find out just how relaxing and invigorating a home shower can really be.

There are a number of different showerhead options in Moen's Inspire line of luxurious bathroom accessories. You'll be able to choose from among several fixed and handheld showerheads that offer several different settings. You can choose from among models that have three, five, or seven different water release settings.

“Our research has shown that homeowners want to be enveloped with powerful water sprays,” said Kelly Atkins, director of retail marketing for Moen. “This line offers an abundance of high performance sprays from each spray setting to create their ideal shower.” You'll look forward to every shower opportunity when you have your own Inspire showerhead. You can

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