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High Technology Meets High-Style in the Neorest Luxury Bath Collection

Company Designs High-Tech Suite to Complement Popular
NEOREST 600, the First Toilet of the 21st Century

Morrow, GA – Whether you opt to create your bath space as an in-home luxury spa – a place to close the door on the world and relax, refresh, and rejuvenate – or you are one of those hard-driving, type-A Stylish Bathhomeowners who has converted their loo into a virtual satellite workspace, the NEOREST Bath Collection is ideal for you.  This new suite of luxury fixtures and fittings is precision engineered to deliver the pinnacle in water experience and enhance your life by providing a healthful antidote to the stress of today’s 24/7 world.

“The convergence of innovation, elegant design, precision engineering, and unparalleled performance makes the new NEOREST Bath Collection both intuitive and intelligent, said Lenora Campos, Public Relations Manager.  “These elegant products anticipate the user’s needs and desires and respond with quick unobtrusive efficiency.”

NEOREST Programmable Airbath with Audio Command Confirmation
LCD Touch PanelThis new luxury airbath has TOTO’s auto-fill feature – set it and forget it.  Program the desired water level and temperature, and you are free to return to your activities; the NEOREST Airbath will sense when it has reached the water temperature and depth you desire and automatically stop the water’s flow.  The water flow is completely stopped instantaneously – no worry of wasted water or water stain.  The NEOREST Airbath will remember three different water and temperature bathing settings.

Control PanelThe easy-read, deck-mounted color LCD touch-panel control unit controls the NEORESTAirbath’s functions.  All programmed commands are confirmed with an audio response feature, which confirms the command and makes the NEOREST Airbath easy to operate for persons of all ages and abilities.

WaterfallThe integrated Waterfall Roman Tub Fill pleases the eye with its jewel box design; it channels the incoming water as a thin, translucent sheet, which fills the tub.  Water temperature is electronically controlled and programmed via the Control Panel.  Hidden inside is the sleek flexible hand shower.  Its aerated flow creates a sensuous whoosh of water to lather soap or rinse it away, while conserving the precious element.

Personalized Bathing Experiences for Two
Personalised Bath for TwoTOTO’s 72” x 55-1/2" NEOREST Programmable Airbath is spacious enough to accommodate two bathers with comfortably.  Reclining against the either of the two headrest pillows at each end, the bathers are treated to a Water Cascade, which drapes a constant flow of warm water over their neck, shoulders, and upper body to increase the pleasure in the bathing experience by maintaining the upper body’s warmth. 

The NEOREST Airbath not only offers the opportunity not only for a good long aromatic soak, but also therapeutic 
bathing in its luxurious 27-3/8” deep-soaking bathing well, by incorporating two additional primal elements -- air and light.

The NEOREST’s Air Jet System provides 15 jets, placed strategically to target body’s pressure points, relieving tension and stress.  These jets propel warm air through the water, creating millions of tiny effervescent bubbles that surround the body and caress the skin.  Depending on the bather’s mood, the water massage may be gentle or increased to a more vigorous massage.  Because there is no water to recirculate, bathers can enjoy aromatherapy and essential oils while they soak.

Each of the 15 air jets has a spring-loaded valve, which prevents the back flow of water into the air channel and insures that the system remains scrupulously clean.  For additional cleanliness, twenty minutes after use, the NEOREST Air Jet System initiates a one-minute cycle that dries the jet valves, thereby insuring perfect hygiene and longer product life.

Airbath HydromassageIn addition to the pleasure of NEOREST Airbath’s hydromassage, bathers can also enjoy the benefits of chromatherapy, which uses colored light in much the same way aromatherapy uses scent — to stimulate myriad psychological and physical responses.  With TOTO’s NEOREST Airbath, individuals may enjoy relaxing light displays of deep, rich, saturated color in varied and complex patterns, with dramatic color-changing effects that include color washes, randomly changing colors, and color cross fades.  If bathers find a particular color especially pleasurable, the simple touch of a button stops the display, allowing them to enjoy its benefits as long as they wish.  The fixed chromatherapy color palette contains clarifying white, stimulating pink (love and attraction), three cool, calming colors — lavender (inspiring and creative), indigo blue (serene and peaceful) and aqua blue (self-assured and calming), and two balancing colors, light green and green.  With no moving parts, the soothing chromatherapy display generates neither noise nor heat build up.

NEOREST Shower Tower with Rainshower, Body Spray & Hand Shower
A cascading shower can get you going in the morning or refresh you after a strenuous day. The NEOREST Shower Tower takes that concept to the extreme with its oversized Rainshower, moveable hand shower, and body sprays, all combined in an elegant high-design Polished Chrome unit. 
With one-touch button control, the universal design NEOREST Shower Tower is easy to operate.  Its movable personal hand shower with 60" hose is ideal for hydro-massage, rinsing long hair, targeting specific areas of the body, or spraying the unit to keep it clean.

Its Body Spray offers three sources to create the exact water experience you desire. Controlled with the touch of a button, these Body Spray units can be configured for seated hydro-massage or a rejuvenating showering experience for one — or two.  These specially-engineered units use water more efficiently to provide exceptional drenching for warm, relaxing water massage.  Bathers may indulge in the comfort of medium and full-sprays that envelop their bodies in tranquil warmth; they may also soothe tired, sore muscles with strong, massaging pulse sprays.  They may further customize their showering experience by temporarily shutting off individual body sprays.
The NEOREST Shower Tower features TOTO’s exclusive Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Thermostatic Mixing Valve, which provides immediate temperature control and anti-scald protection.  That is, when showering, bathers no longer have to worry about sudden increases in water temperature due to unexpected decreases in water pressure that result from the water demands of other household activities.
The NEOREST Shower Tower’s crowing glory is its elegant rectangular Rainshower, which creates an invigorating water experience that, combined with the other shower elements, surrounds you in an unparalleled hydrotherapeutic water environment.

NEOREST Lavatory with Integrated Smart Sensor Faucet
Smart Sensor FaucetTaking its design cue from the silhouette of a traditional Japanese bowl, the NEOREST self-rimming lavatory measures 29-1/2” by 19-5/8”.  Its SanaGloss glazed basin is 4-3/4” deep.  An integrated Smart Sensor Digital Faucet with one-touch control complements this sophisticated, high-concept lavatory design. 

Smart Sensor FaucetLike the NEOREST 600, its integrated NEOREST Smart Sensor Digital Faucet is an auto-aware product, which senses its users’ approach and anticipates their needs.  A lighted sensor atop the faucet indicates its state of watchful readiness.  To access hot water, touch the Hot button; a red light indicates that the water streaming into the basin is hot.  A blue light indicates cold water.  The NEOREST Smart Sensor Digital Faucet’s Waterfall Cascade stream channels a thin, translucent stream of water that flows gracefully into the basin.

NEOREST Accessories
Towel RackTowel RackNEOREST accessories combine simple, architectural forms with sensual design lines and careful detailing.  Both sculptural and functional, these accessories promise an inviting visual appeal and a reinterpretation of classic modernity.  Their design is as advanced as the technology and comfort features found throughout the luxury NEOREST Bath Collection. These sleek, highly functional units are complemented by the selection of the finest, most durable materials available.


Paper roll holder

Robe Hook

The elegant Polished Chrome Bath Towel Bar measures 35-1/2 x 2-3/4 x 1; the NEOREST Hand Towel Bar, 19-3/4 x 2-3/4 x 1.  The Polished Chrome NEOREST Tissue Rest measures 11-1/2 x 4-1/4 x 1; the NEOREST Robe Hooks measure 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 1-1/2.


The first toilet of the 21st CenturyPacking the maximum number of technological advances into a minimum amount of space, TOTO’s innovative NEOREST has a beautiful, modern low silhouette that results from the elimination of the tank and the integration of the toilet and TOTO’s renowned Washlet warm-water personal cleansing unit.  Adding to the sense of personal luxury, the lid’s pearlescent finish gently reflects ambient light.  Minimizing the unit’s concave and convex surfaces gives the NEOREST a sleek, sophisticated, easy-to-maintain design.  The tankless NEOREST’s low profile gives any bath a sense of spaciousness and light.
“The NEOREST is destined to be the ?must have’ element for the “bath with brains,’” said Campos.  “Consider the amount of time we spend in the bath -- and the vital role computers play in our lives -- it's a small wonder computer technology has found its way into the bath space, turning the ordinary, functional bath of the past into a luxurious enclave tailored in every detail to suit the desires and needs of its user.  Today's brainy bathrooms are interactive spaces where a fixture's value is not determined by the fact that it can do its job, but by how much we enjoy our experience with it,” she added.
Technological innovations unique to TOTO’s “aware” toilet  / Washlet combination abound.  The NEOREST’s lid automatically opens whenever an individual approaches it.  With the mere touch of a button on its sleek new wireless remote, the NEOREST’s seat automatically rises and a water-saving 1.2 GPF flush mode automatically engages.  When the individual walks away from the NEOREST, it automatically flushes and the seat and lid automatically close.  With this brainy fixture, one need never worry about forgetting to flush or close the seat and lid.

Integrated washlet technologyBy integrating TOTO’s renowned Washlet technology, which transforms the traditional toilet into a warm-water personal cleansing system, the NEOREST reconfigures even the best bathrooms into super-luxurious home spas.  Like TOTO’s new NEOREST 500 and Washlet S300, the NEOREST 600 seat's multi-task functions provide gentle front and back-aerated warm water spray, which can be regulated for preferred water pressure and temperature.  Other unique features include oscillating and pulsating spray massage, heated seat, and warm air dryer all of which are governed by TOTO’s “Fuzzy Logic” energy-saving system.

TOTO’s ultra luxurious NEOREST 600 enjoys a new slim wireless remote control unit with a striking sleek high-tech design.  The TOTO NEOREST 600 is the first high-tech “aware” toilet and integrated Washlet warm-water personal cleansing system, which features TOTO’s smart-sensor design innovations and revolutionary Cyclone Flush Engine.

Handsome Wireless Remote
Wireless RemoteNEOREST 600’s high-style wireless remote control unit is ergonomically designed and may be hand-held or wall-mounted.  The face of the handsome brushed chrome unit is arrayed with stylish large buttons that are effortless to navigate owing both to easy-to-read labeling above the button and the use of international symbols on the buttons themselves.  The top of the unit has a smaller set of buttons similarly labeled and easy to operate.  On the back of the unit are the controls for operating the less frequently used functions such as the cleansing functions – both wand and bowl – temperature control for seat, water, and dryer – and the built-in energy saving mode.

Wireless RemoteThe NEOREST’s elegant wireless remote operates the unit’s smart sensor functions – auto open/close and auto flush – and its Washlet  functions.  For the integrated Washlet personal cleansing system, the new slender remote controls the front and back warm water spray, which can be regulated for the preferred water pressure, temperature level, and cycling motion massage.  It also controls the warming unit in the ergonomically contoured seat, which may be heated to provide maximum comfort even on the coldest days.  An integrated sensor maintains the desired setting.  The new wireless remote also controls the warm air dryer function, pulsating water massage feature, and catalytic deodorizer function, which uses activated oxygen to breakdown the molecular bonds of odor and return clean air to the room – no matter the ventilation.  The sleek wireless remote also controls the built-in energy-saving mode:  once installed, the NEOREST 600 begins to learn its users’ usage patterns, re-educating itself at least once a week.  To save energy, during periods of infrequent use, it powers down and goes into a sleep mode, similar to a computer.

TOTO’s engineers have designed a revolutionary flush engine – the Cyclone -- for the new tankless NEOREST as well as a Dual-Flush Water Conservation Mode.

Cyclone Flush Engine
Cyclone Flush ToiletTo do justice to the technological innovation behind the Cyclone Flush Engine, one must examine the role played by the pioneering Sequential Valve designed by TOTO engineers.  This diverter valve channels the incoming water for this tankless toilet, so it is not released directly from the main water source – eliminating noise and splash.  Instead, the TOTO valve splits the 1.6 GPF water stream into two channels, which are released in a sequence of three controlled stages. 

During the first stage – Rim-Scouring Cyclonic Motion – a nozzle located at the back of the bowl fires a high-speed stream of water that scours the rim and initiates the water’s Cyclone action.  The second stage – Siphonic Jet Action – increases the water volume of the rapidly rotating current as it circles the bowl and generates a quiet, skillfully-controlled flush, which minimizes noise and splash as the water’s sustained swirling motion scrubs the bowl clean of all matter.  The third stage is a final rim scouring, which cleanses the rim a second time and restores the bowl’s water surface.  The result is a flush performance equal to or better than TOTO’s renowned Power Gravity flushing system.

Dual Flush Water Conservation Mode
Unique to the NEOREST is its Dual Flush Water Conservation Modes – full (1.6 GPF) and light (1.2 GPF).  For use with liquid waste, the Light Flush Mode is sensor activated by the NEOREST’s Automatic Flush Mode.  Automatically engaged when the seat is raised, the NEOREST’s Light Flush Mode uses only 1.2 GPF, while preserving all the unique benefits of the Cyclone Flush Engine available with the 1.6 GPF Full Flush Mode.

High Technology DesignIn addition to its innovative flush engine and dual flush capacity, TOTO engineers have redesigned NEOREST’s rim.  Traditional rims are difficult to clean because one cannot see or effectively clean trapped waste or bacteria from beneath them.  With TOTO’s reengineered Concave Rim Design, one can easily and effectively clean the rim.


A Virtually Self-Cleaning Toilet
Another innovative cleaning feature of the NEOREST is that, with the flip of a switch, one can engage its Cleaning mode, which keeps the Cyclone Rim Scouring Motion circling the rim for a full minute.  With this unique function, one does not have to flush repeatedly to clean the toilet bowl.  The Cleaning mode has a timer, which stops after one minute and automatically drains the water to keep the bowl hygienic.  In addition, the NEOREST’s bowl and rim are coated with SanaGloss, TOTO’s revolutionary glazing process that seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier that prevents – even repels – particles from adhering to this super-smooth, non-porous high-gloss surface.  In short, when protected by SanaGloss, the water that rinses the bowl as the toilet flushes is all that is needed to remove stains, residue, scaling, and lime buildup.  Invisible organisms, including bacteria and molds, also are reduced.

One-Touch Detachable Toilet Seat and Cover
The NEOREST’s toilet seat and cover detach with an easy one-touch operation, so that one can easily clean hard-to-reach areas, such as between the seat and the toilet.

Washlet Wand Cleaning Function
With the flip of a switch, the Washlet nozzle automatically extends -- without releasing water -- so that one can also clean it easily.

As with all TOTO products and innovative technologies, high-resolution digital photography of the NEOREST Bath Collection and its elements is available immediately.

TOTO is the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world with over $4.5 billion in annual sales and 80 affiliated production facilities globally.  Since 1917, TOTO Ltd., Japan, has 
been a pioneer in high-performance plumbing systems, bringing consumers superbly designed, technologically-advanced products.  In 1989, TOTO brought its innovative technology and commitment to excellence to the US market.  TOTO USA, INC.’s, success derives from its commitment to unsurpassed quality and reliability, which pushes the company beyond industry standards.  Winner of numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions, TOTO USA seeks perfection by design with its expanding product line, which is devoted to enhancing lifestyles in man-made environments with the highest level of quality, hygiene, comfort, and luxury. 

For more information, consumers can visit or call 1.800.350.8686.

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