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Modernize Your Bathroom Design With Axiom Audio
Update Bathroom Design Wtih Weatherproof Speakers With today's hectic lifestyles and improvements in technology, consumers now use bathrooms to fulfill a variety of needs including entertainment, rest, and relaxation. If you're looking to   create a sanctuary of tranquility in your home's master bath, consider incorporating weatherproof speakers from Axiom Audio into your bathroom design.

To meet the needs of savvy homeowners who want to enjoy the ultimate in home bathroom relaxation, Axiom Audio is stepping to the forefront with their Algonquin weatherproof speaker. The speakers resonate with top quality audiophile sound, transforming your bathroom into a multi-media marvel and an escape from daily life.

You'll be able to enjoy your favorite sounds while relaxing in your spa tub without having to worry about speaker damage. Originally designed for outdoor use, these speakers not only withstand inclement weather conditions, but also prevail against high levels of humidity. These features make the Algonquin speakers by Axiom ideally suited for bathroom design.

These weatherproof speakers provide discriminating listeners with the same design and award winning sound quality as Axiom Audio's award-winning M3 speakers. The speakers are specially angled and feature a screened port that allows for high-fidelity sound reproduction. They  are made with plastic-covered gold-plated binding posts that won't rust

Because Algonquin speakers by Axiom are available in four different finishes, it’s easy to find an option that blends perfectly with your bathroom décor. If you have special decorating needs, the speakers can be painted at home, or you can take advantage of the company's custom matching service. You'll also find that the Algonquins are easy to install and feature threaded mounting receptacles that accept most speaker brackets.  For more information, see