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Cleaning Tips for Your Acrylic Bathtub

Made from molded and reinforced sheets of acrylic, acrylic tubs are less expensive and also much lighter in weight when Image compared to other types of bathtubs made from different materials. Additionally, acrylic bathtubs are easier to repair and maintain as they are resistant to scratches, high gloss and non-porous. Also, they conduct and hold heat well. However, such tubs are quite sensitive to acidic chemicals that can be found in various tub scrubbing products based on acetates.

Acrylic Bathtub by Calyx 

For instance, such chemicals can erode and even crack an acrylic bathtub. In order to keep your acrylic bathtub shining, you should use a liquid polisher and buff the surface of the tub with this product. Here are some pointers for you to use in order to keep your acrylic bathtub clean.

As cleaning an acrylic bathtub isn’t a difficult process, you will not have to invest in special cleaning products. Acrylic tubs are designed to be resistant to virtually any scratch, all you will have to do is to use a cloth or sponge instead of using a Image scouring pad. You will have to clean your acrylic bathtub one or twice a week in order to prevent soap scum from accumulating and taking away all the initial shine of the acrylic tub.

Acrylic Bathtub by Duravit

When cleaning your acrylic tub, you will have to start by removing your bath mat in case that you have one. Then, you will need to fill your tub with one inch of warm water. Use a damp washcloth or a sponge in order to do the necessary scrubbing. In order to clean the suds, you will have to apply 1 tablespoon of hand soap or detergent onto the sponge/cloth and wipe over the rims of the tub.

Make sure that the soap you are using does not contain any acetate and is safe to use for your acrylic bathtub. Keep in mind not to use solvents when cleaning your acrylic tub as they can be based on chemicals that damage acrylic surfaces. Also, you must make sure that you stay away from any cleaning product that is too aggressive. Stick to safer cleaning products – for instance, even your common body wash or shampoo can work just fine in this case. Also, you Image will have to scrub out all the sides of your tub by using more soap and warm water. Once you have finished doing this, you will have to scrub out its bottom.

Whirlpool Acrylic Bathtub by BluBleu

Once you have scrubbed the entire surface of your tub, let all the water out and make sure that the tub is clean enough. If this isn’t the case, you will have to scrub it again. The faucet must be cleaned as well especially because soap scum can easily build up in this particular spot. For instance, you can use a special cleaner in order to do this job and once you have finished with it, turn on the water. Wipe everything down by using a new and clean cloth.    



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