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Corner Bathtubs

When looking for the perfect bathtub for your bathroom renovation, you should consider a corner bathtub as this type of Image design comes with plenty of advantages and gives your bathroom space a stunning and unique look. Actually, corner bathtubs are selected to solve various design problems – for instance, they are extremely useful in smaller bathroom spaces in order to better utilize space. Having a corner bathtub installed into a larger alcove will create an amazing focal point. Also, many corner bathtubs come with large decks that allow you to add extra décor features in order to have your bathroom space spiced up.

Corner Bathtub by Duravit

If your bathroom space has an irregular shape, a corner bathtub is the perfect choice. Modern corner bathtubs are made of very durable materials that are designed to hold up pretty well over time thus providing you with good looks and long service. Also, these materials are lightweight thereby diminishing the load on your bathroom flooring structure. Most corner bathtubs come with a quite wide ledge in their rear and this allows you to use the space against the bathroom walls as a useful shelf for soaps and toiletries. Also, you can use this space in order to have a plant in it. Going for clear glass shelves or mirrors is a wise idea as well because you can make your bathroom space look larger. Image

Once you decide to put plants, mirrors or shelves in your bathtub corner, you should be fully aware that this is likely to limit your options when it comes to having a shower with the corner bathtub. For instance, if you want to go for a plant, you will have to move it before taking your shower.

Corner Bathtub by Teuco

Once you decide that you want to have a bathtub corner shower as well, you will need a waterproof wall treatment in order to put it over the plaster and have your bathroom corner shower. Also, you can go for a circular curtain option in order to get the same waterproof effect.

Keep in mind that remodeling your bathroom space is going to be a time consuming and expensive task. So, if your budget is limited, you should definitely go for a corner bathtub as this type of bathtub design can save a lot of Imagespace and money. Corner bathtubs are to be regarded as a great way to have your bathing options expanded while managing to save extra physical space. For instance, instead of taking up your entire bathroom wall with a regular and oblong bathtub, you will be taking up just the corner of your bathroom space and also have the option of having a larger bathtub installed. A corner bathtub is the best option if you want to expand your available space in your bathroom and is the best money saver as well.

Corner Bathtub by BainUltra


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