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Small Space Bath Tub Designs

Thanks to the many companies that specialize in designing and customizing small space bath tub designs, you can now have the luxury of having a tub – even in your apartment’s very cramped bathroom. All it really takes to get the perfect size tub is some research and determination. This article will walk you through several small space bath tub designs to help you choose the right init for your space.

But first, be realistic.

If your bathroom has only about 90 x 90 centimeters of floor space, you may not be able to fit a bath tub in it. Do not waste your time and money finding a bath tub to fit these dimensions. Instead, you should invest in a good shower – it’s still the most economical and practical solution. These days, the best shower stalls can still feel as luxurious as a bath tub – add in some folding seat or shower tray for sitting, some massaging shower heads, and great built-in speakers for music, and you will surely step put of your shower stall feeling as refreshed as you would after hours in a bath tub.

If your bathroom is small but big enough to accommodate small space bath tub designs, however, then you are in luck – you have numerous options. Here are just some design ideas for bathrooms at least 140 x 140 centimeters of floor space.

Small space bath tub designs

More and more bathroom fixture companies now cater to the small bathroom market – people living alone in small condominium units, apartments, and even small townhouses. Their bath tub designs rival the elegance of their bigger counterparts – in fact, some of them are direct spin offs of bigger designs, enabling small space dwellers to access luxury even with their limited floor area.

Here are just some of the small space bath tub designs in the market today.

Small bath tub design #1: Asymmetric bath tub (ROSA 150 by RAVAK)

Image from Ravak.Com

This revolutionary asymmetric tub is diagonal, so it does not take a lot of space – in fact, it just takes up roughly 150 centimeters in length. Too short? No. Because of its clever design, the ROSA 150 still lets you soak your whole body in as you would on a conventional bath tub 183 centimetres long. How? The design is simple – you lay diagonally on the ROSA 150, so you can relax like you would on a regular size tub and never have to fold your legs too much.

This intelligent asymmetric tub is a bit wider than the usual bath tub, so it is great for short but wide bathrooms. It comes with a seat, a flat bottom that can safely stand on if you want to use it for showering, and a shower enclosure. You can even buy a bathtub screen for your ROSA 150 and turn it into a large tub and shower area – enough for two people. Several screen models are available from the same manufacturer (RAVAK). Get the 120 x 80 cm model of you intend to shower with another person, or if you require a lot of room when you bathe.

Small bath tub design #2: Avocado bath tubs (also by RAVAK)

Image from Ravak.Com

The Avocado bath tub is possibly one of the most space saving tubs in the market today. Shaped literally like an avocado, it is perfectly sized to allow you to squeeze in a wash basin – even a small washing machine – right into your tiny bathroom.

Despite its limited dimensions, this undersized bath tub still lets you comfortably fit and soak in luxury and style – now you can have a bubble bath any time of the day. The Avocado also looks very elegant, so it never seems out of place in elegant bathrooms despite its Liliputian proportions. The Avocado is also unique and certainly increases your small bathroom’s appeal.

Small bath tub design #3: Compact Bath (Lilia Acrylate Bh1417)

Image from Abcaz.Co.Uk

Measuring only 120 X 70 centimeters, the ultra compact Lilia can be used two ways – you can either mount it above the floor or have it professionally recessed for a more elegant look. Eitherway, the Lilia can add elegance and utilitarian chic to any small bathroom. You can even use it with a bath shower screen to get the two in one functionality of a bath tub and bath stall.