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Doorless shower enclosures - Ideas & Tips for selecting the perfect shower
If you are interested in designing a doorless shower enclosure for your bathroom, then here are some ideas and tips for getting it just right.

shower enclosures are becoming more and more popular with people everywhere. It is seen as one of the best ways to enjoy luxury in your bathroom. Where the bathtub used to the king of the bathroom, it is now the doorless shower enclosure.

These are really luxury items as they allow you to get washed in privacy and also to have the luxury of incredible surrounding, usually found in expensive hotels only. The range of doorelss shower enclosures is very broad, so it is best to shop around and see what deals are on offer.

There are also a few considerations to make before spending your money.

You need to decide where the access point will be. This is critical, as you cannot change it once it has been decided. This decision will really be base
Doorless shower enclosures d on the size of your bathroom and how much extra your have once the other bathroom fittings are in place.

It is always nice to have a lot of floor space when you step out the shower, but in some cases, this is simply not possible. In cases like these, you need to compromise some of the floor space in order to have an easy access route for the shower enclosure.

You also need enough space to fit the shower enclosure, as they are larger than regular showers, in order to catch the water from the shower and retain it.

Finding the right shower is also very important. You can have a perfect shower enclosure, but without the best shower facilities you will be left disappointed. As you can imagine, there are thousands of showers to choose from.

There are power showers, three headed pump showers and everything in between. Your choice is really comes down to how your like to bathe. Also important is how you heat the water. This will depend on your current electric system. Some showers heat the water with an electric element, while others heat the water on demand via a combination boiler. You will need to know which is best suited to your bathroom.

The space that you give to the shower enclosure is very important. You don’t want people to be cramped and have to squeeze into the shower space. If this is the case, then you need to reduce the dimensions of the shower enclosure. Although this will reduce the amount of space that you have for washing, it will give the bathroom a much better feeling over all.

Besides this, you wan to ensure that there is plenty of room for cleaning and maintaining the shower. It is important that the shower is functional as well as attractive to look at.

The design element of the doorless shower enclosure will be a central focus of your bathroom, so you need to make sure it fits in with the overall design. Have some designers draw up your bathroom and give you a virtual tour of what it will be like. This is one of the best ways to know what it will look like ahead of time.

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