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Dual Shower Heads

 Adding dual shower heads can change your daily bathing experience as they can make all your boring bathing habits disappear. They come with two heads that are designed in order to be attached to just one pipe. A dual shower head is commonly wall-mounted and it can be made from various materials.

Zoe Giessdorf Vl Handheld Dual Shower heads by DualShowerHead

For instance, there are dual shower heads made from steel, chrome or plastic. Their dual heads are designed to give out 2 water jets. These water jets can be reduced to just one water stream by turning off one of these 2 heads. The shower heads can also be swiveled in order to point all the water streams exactly where you want. 

By using a dual shower head, you can customize each of your showering experiences. For instance, a dual shower head can be the perfect bathroom item for you especially if you have to get up really early in the morning rush. The dual shower head will provide you with a more efficient and quicker shower, saving you money and time. Most dual shower heads come in metallic or chrome finish and their elegant appearance is the main reason why homeowners like to have them in their bathroom. When looking for a dual shower head for your bathroom, you will have to consider the kind of water you have because, if your water is too hard, a metal or chrome fixture is going to become more prone to rust and tarnish.

 So, if you want to prevent this process from happening, you should go for a dual shower head that is coated with anti-tarnish and anti-rust. Also, you may go for a dual shower head made from plastic as this item is cheaper and it also lasts longer when compared to the metallic dual shower heads.

The dual arm shower head is regarded as the most popular design. With this type of dual shower head, one of its heads is attached directly to the bathroom wall just as any other regular shower head fixture while the second shower head will be attached to a swiveling arm thus making the shower rotate and easy to adjust.

Double shower head by Grohe

Such a dual shower design can be easily attached to your existing shower plumbing. Versatility is one of its most appreciated features as it allows you to install 2 completely different kinds of heads depending on your personal taste and needs. Such dual shower heads are usually made from resistant and heavy sold brass. Also, they do not have any washers thus becoming leak free.

The dual massaging shower head is another popular option among many homeowners. Such shower heads are sold already assembled together and they also come with 2 matching massage heads. While these massage shower heads sit side by side, the bather can adjust and swivel the water stream in order for the massage to be effective. Dual massage shower heads are packaged in white thermoplastic, brass or chrome and they can be run both separately and together.

Dual shower heads by Kohler

The shower head brass bar is the third type of dual shower head – this type of shower bar extends from the shower thus allowing the heads to be attached right to your T-shaped bar. This type of dual shower head comes with water flow valves attached to each of its heads in order for the user to control the necessary amount of water that is allowed to pass through the head.

Such shower heads are already available in various widths. For instance, you can go for a shower head bar that comes with over sized heads that provide a rain like flow, a jet head that can be easily rotated and some massage heads that are installed on the shower bar.