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Electric Showers: Modern and Economical

Once you start planning to invest in an electric shower, you will have to find out what features your bathroom Image needs in order to purchase the right type of electric shower. Electric showers are water heaters that are designed to apply pressure right on the water. This way, cold water will flow to the shower unit where it will be pressurized and then heated through electricity. Also, the amount of dispensed water will depend on the amount of pressure that is applied.

Electric Shower by Triton

Electric showers are to be regarded as economical alternatives as they will provide the exact amount of water that needs to be consumed. Also, an electric shower will not require a hot water system as its source. This is the main reason why electric showers are called instantaneous water heaters – with an electric shower, you will get the hot water you want any time you want.

One of the most popular types of electric showers is the so-called pumped power shower. Such a shower is designed to be connected right to both cold and hot water supply. Its electric pump is used in order to increase the necessary pressure that comes out from the head. Also, such an electric shower requires lesser electricity when compared to other electrically heated showers. Electric showers come with a riser rail, shower head, power ratings and wireless showers. Also, you can go for an electric shower that comes with variable power out put in order to choose all the features you want to have when trying to adjust the power out put and range.

Other additional features of electric showers may include push buttons, thermostatic features, Imagememory function or shut down buttons. For instance, thermostatic models help the user control the water temperature without affecting other bathroom appliances such as a washing machine running in the same time. Push buttons are used to control and maintain all the electric shower settings while memory function is a built-in feature that is designed to allow you to store more information when it comes to re-setting your water temperature.

Electric Shower, Supplier: BBKD 

Shut down buttons are designed to flush out all eh remaining hot water from your shower head in order to prevent it from scalding. Also, you can go for an electric shower that comes with LCD features – this LCD is used in order to display the water temperatures thus allowing you to control your water temperature.

Keep in mind that electric showers must be installed by a professional who has all the necessary equipment. Also, the cost of this installation will depend mainly upon the design of your electric shower and the electrician. Also, electric shower installation will require connection to electricity and special plumbing from a cold water supply. For instance, electrical fuse and cable will both vary on the necessary power rate of your electric shower. So, for safety reasons, double pole switch is to be used in order to turn your electric shower on and off. With an electric shower, you will find it easier to adjust water temperature according to your needs.