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Fixed vs. Hand Held Shower Heads

Choosing the right type of shower head is an important decision so you should thoroughly weigh all your options in order to Imagechoose the right shower head that can meet all your needs. As the shower isn’t just a mean to keep yourself clean and neat, but it also offers plenty of therapeutic benefits that include relief from tension and muscle pain and stress reduction, you will have to consider the following things when shopping for the right item. First, you will have to check for all the necessary compatibility issues or have them enlisted with the help of a professional. Also you will have to make sure that the shower head you choose can be provided with the required amount of water pressure. You can have this problem fixed by adding a pressure pump that will artificially raise the water pressure in order to accommodate your shower head.

Hand Held Shower Head by Hansa

Shower heads are either hand held or fixed and each of them comes with its own range of negative and positive features. In each case, you will have to consider their specific features as they are designed to work differently when compared to each other. Fixed shower heads are designed to be attached to bathrooms walls or ceiling in order to delver a very steady water spray in that particular area. Even if a fixed shower head is going to offer a really decorative appeal to your bathroom space, its sleek appearance also comes with a main disadvantage namely that you will not have the water spray directed at various angles. Additionally, fixed shower heads are likely to be more expensive when compared to hand held shower heads and this happens not only for their installation but also for all the necessary repairs that can arise. With such shower heads, you will not be able to have their height adjusted and this means that their initial installation is to be done in a very careful manner in order to guarantee the optimum placement that can be enjoyed by everyone in your household.Image

Fixed Shower Heads by Ritmonio 

On the other hand, hand held showers are designed to be attached either on a riser rail that can be adjusted on a regular basis or on the bathroom wall. Their attached flexible hose allows you to change their height as you like. Even if this choice cannot be regarded as a very modern looking when compared to fixed shower heads, a hand held shower head can provide you with greater versatility as you can easily and quickly remove it and use it for rinsing or cleaning the inside of your shower. Leaving the hand held shower attached to its own fixture, you can swivel and adjust its spray direction. Also, hand held shower heads come with various water adjustments from a soft flow to a much forceful massage flow.

However, the main benefit provided by a hand held shower head is that you can have it removed from its attachment – you will have nothing to unscrew. All you will have to do is to lift it off its extension hose or bracket and spray yourself from virtually any direction you like. Not only you will be provided with direct blasts of water, but you will also save energy and water. For instance, when using a standard fixed shower head, you will face added costs in no time as much water is wasted when soaping up and rinsing off. On the contrary, with a hand held shower head, you will be able to spray water where you need it most without wasting it.   


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