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Glass Block Showers: Stylish and Efficient

Decorating ideas for small bathroomsA walk in shower made from glass block might be the perfect solution for your bathroom design mainly because this product is low-maintenance, easy to clean and extremely durable. Also, glass block showers come in a wide range of styles. In addition, you can have such a walk in shower installed on a base made from granite, marble or pre-formed acrylic as it is design to match any commercial or home application.

A walk in shower made from glass block can provide your bathroom space with a clean and cool contemporary look as the current designs are a blend of eclectic approaches. Such a walk in shower is easy to clean as well because they are designed to have residue and spotting minimized in the shower application.

Walk-in Glass Block Shower System, Supplier:Accent building products

All you will need is water and soap in order to clean the glass block shower. The glass block showers are mortared together and sturdy enough when compared to other types of walk in showers. They also provide efficient lighting transmission as they create a much brighter space inside the interior compartment of the shower thus making this space more open and even safer.

Glass blocks can create increased privacy when taking a shower unlike the clear and more traditional shower wall systems. They can be installed right onto solid surfaces that include granite, corion or tile base in order to fit into every bathroom design and match any bathroom dimension. For instance, you can use specialized layout cards in order to fit the exact base shape you want to have for your walk in shower. The tile and base are then built by the general or tile contractor. Once you have this job completed, the glass shower walls are to be designed and installed right on top of this base.

For instance, most of the walk on shower bases are likely to have a 5 to 6 inch curb. However, you can have your walk in shower designed without this curb in order for the persons with special needs to be able to roll right into this walk in shower as well. The glass walls are installed right on the job site or you can go for the prefabricated version that comes from a specialized system – this system is called Vinyl Stack and it can save significant labor costs and also improves the finished quality.


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