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Steam Shower Cubicles

A steam shower is the perfect component when it comes to revitalizing your skin: the steam combined with the heat will Imageenable your body to start sweating out all its impurities thereby leaving your skin clean and radiant. Steam showers are designed to increase the blood circulation and eliminate fatigue, pains and aches in the muscles. All these effects can be mixed with chromotherapy as steam showers come with mood enhancing lighting. Also, steam shower units can come with digital and computerized controls, massage functions, remote controls, overhead rainfall effect, high quality speaker system, air ventilation, retractable hand shower, ozone sterilization to prevent bacteria from forming within the steam shower cubicle and lighting features.

Steam Shower Cubicle by Artweger

Usually, steam shower units are easy to assembly – they come flat packed and once they are fully assembled, they can stay alone as self contained units. These units are reinforced with steel frames in order to ensure extra durability, strength and safety. Such steam shower units come in a wide range of sizes ranging from the 1 person unit to a larger size that is designed to fit at least 2 persons in a comfortable way. Steam shower cubicles are self-combined enclosures that have the increased ability to create and then trap the steam right within the enclosed area. Also, they provide a showering facility that allows the bather to wash and rinse down his body.

Contemporary steam shower cubicles are designed to make one’s home-bathing relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable. Also, they come with plenty of new features – here are the typical ones that are usually found in any contemporary steam shower cubicle. Image The digital control panel is among the most popular features that can be found in the case of steam shower cubicles. This panel allows you to control every feature of your steam shower cubicle – for instance, some of these steam shower cubicles come with a remote control that allows you to select the wanted features right from outside your cubicle. So, you can pre-fill your steam shower cubicle with the necessary steam before entering it.

Steam Shower Cubicle by Glassidromassagio

Foot massage is another feature of a modern steam shower cubicle – this is an added feature that combines hydro massage water jets and foot rollers in order to massage your feet whilst you are sitting within the steam shower cubicle. The hand held shower is another option – this shower head can be easily detached from the rail in order for you to enjoy a hand held showering in addition to your overhead rainfall shower.


The so-called body jets are likely to be located right above your head in order for you to enjoy the hydro massage that is sprayed sequentially and in unison. Steam shower cubicles come with phone and music connection as well – for instance, Imagesome of these units allow you to run even a telephone line to your shower in order to receive or make phone calls from your steam shower cubicle. Thermostatic controllers are also used in order to select the right water temperature and maintain this temperature at the chosen level. Also, some steam shower units provide a special built in controller that guarantees extra safety for younger users.

Steam Shower Cubicle by IdealStandard

Chromotherapy lighting is another feature provided by steam shower cubicles – this therapy has already been shown to alter the person’s emotional state. This is the main reason why colored lighting can be used in steam shower cubicles – you can create the wanted emotional mood while enjoying your steam shower.


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